Episode 43 (February 2012)

Hello all Room 1ne-ers and welcome back to another installment of the web’s finest representation of the music Ben Collier likes!  This episode packs one hell of a punch so be ready for some up-tempo melodies and toughness.

It was a very difficult decision to pick a track of the month for February’s showcase but I think I’m happy with my choice.  Either way, it had to be given to one of the many great vocals on display in this 2 hours or so of music.

And, indeed, timing is a big thing this month what with the length of the show being strictly governed by the amount of time I predicted it would take me to run 16 miles this morning so I could listen back to the show whilst pounding the tarmac.  I predicted 2 hours 10 but the show came out a few minutes under.  However, having completed the race (in 2 hours 9!), I can safely say it did one hell of a job!  Daniel Sanchez & Sinc’s take on the classic vocals of Nina Simone (New Day) was perfect for the early stages with the morning sun in my eyes and Indecent Noise’s new ‘Mental Asylum’ EP was the perfect spur to push me through the pain late on.

I don’t suggest you all listen to this whilst running 16 miles, of course, but this episode is packed with some great feel-good grooves, aurally arresting vocals, smile-inducing melodies and dark techy punches to the face to suit all tastes and take you on a nice little musical journey.

As always, I hope you enjoy it!

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Loveyabye.  Ben x


1 Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange – In & Out of Phase (Club Edit) [Anjunabeats]

2 Daniel Sanchez & Sinc – New Day [Bla Bla]

3 Aqua Diva – What Is Love? [Zouk]

4 Alexander Popov – When the Sun (Eximinds Remix) [S107]

5 Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel [Garuda] Room 1ne Track of the Month

6 W&W feat. Bree – Nowhere To Go (Shogun Remix) [S107]

7 Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – World Falls Apart (Club Mix) [Aropa]

8 Wiegel Meirmans Snitker – Nova Zembla (Armin van Buuren Remix) [Media] Room 1ne People’s Choice for Episode 42

9 M.I.K.E – For Always In My Heart [Armada] Room 1ne Classic (pt. 1)

10 Ehren Stowers – Unity (Sonic Element Remix) [Alter Ego]

11 Rene Dale – Reset (James Poulton Remix) [Monster Digital]

12 Odonbat – Promised [Unearthed]

13 Ferrin & Morris – Lucid Springs (Uplifting Mix) [Transistic]

14 Running Man – Amnesia (SoundLift’s Emotional Take]

15 Dark Matters feat. Jess Morgan – The Real You (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) [S107]

16 Ellie Lawson – A Hundred Ways (Matt Bukovski Remix) [Adrian & Raz]

17 Indecent Noise pres. Mental Asylum – Gambit [Night Vision]

18 Indecent Noise pres. Mental Asylum – Trauma [Night Vision]

19 John O’Callaghan – Stresstest (John Askew Remix) [Subculture]

20 Planet Perfecto Nights – ResuRection (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Remix) [Perfecto]

21 Art of Trance – Mongoose (Tektonik Remix) [Platipus] Room 1ne Classic (pt. 2)

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