Episode 40 (October 2011)

Hi All,

It’s been a very good November!  It began with Dan and Laura’s brilliant wedding weekend in Dublin, which included the groom and I singing a mashup of Sureal – You Take My Breath Away over Calvin Harris & Rhianna (try it – it works!) and pestering the DJ, without success I should add, with questions like ‘Do you have any dubstep?’  I became the person I hate the most :(

The other main highlight was seeing Phil (of The Phil-Harmonic Podcast fame) and the guys for a long awaited Ministry session.  It was so good to go again after a good, cynicism-cleansing break and we were treated to a great show from W&W (who smashed it early doors and got the crowd going with a mixture of electro house, chunky prog trance and their very own brand of electro trance), Full Tilt (aka Timmy & Tommy – see a video here of them making my night by dropping one of my tunes of the year), John O’Callaghan (who is simply a must-see and lit up the place with this amazing 4 track mash up) and Orjan Nilsen (one of the producers of 2011 who, despite looking like a butch lesbian, is great value and energy behind the decks as well).  You’ll spot tracks by 3/4 of these guys in Episode 40 and it would have been more if there was any way at all I could have got my hands on the O’Callaghan bootleg!

But, most importantly, November has also seen the last incarnation of Room 1ne Sessions.  Whether it be a good last few weeks for EDM, more time taken in researching tracks by yours truly or a mixture of the two, I can safely say Episode 40 of Room 1ne Sessions has been one of the most time-consuming to put together, not just in the 2 hours and 40 minutes of recording time but in the 10+ hours of web scouring and playlist whittling that’s taken place as well.  As you know, sometimes I like to cut an episode into 2 parts and this would possibly have made sense with a 29 track playlist as a long mix can be a bit much to listen through to but this time the tracks didn’t really facilitate that and, quite frankly, it’s great fun putting together a long, largely club-style set such as this.  There’s a whole host of good tracks and I look forward to receiving your votes for your favourite track.

NB, the next People’s Choice track will be featured in Episode 42 in January as next month will be the Room 1ne 2011 Year Mix.  I’d like to take this opportunity to offer anyone and everyone the chance to vote for their favourite Room 1ne track of 2011 (Episodes 31 – 40).  You can tweet your suggestions to @KemptonHerald or leave your requests on the Facebook page and I’ll endeavour to include them all in the show which will be released just before Christmas and in time for all your NYE parties!

I look forward to receiving your votes for the 2011 Year Mix and the People’s Choice for Episode 42 and hope you enjoy Episode 40 in the coming weeks.

Thanks for listening!

Much love,

Ben x


1 Matt Lange – Nutclap [Anjunadeep]

2 Julius Beat & Eddy Karmona – Blue Light [Black Hole]

3 Rasmus Faber feat. Beldina – Good Times Come Back (Dub) [Farplane Records]

4 Emin K. & Ansarov – Adrenaline [Arnej Music] Taken from the compilation ‘Musical Evolution: The First Chapter’ mixed by Arnej

5 Lazy Rich – Better Wipe That Up (Chrizz Luvly Remix) [Big Fish]

6 Steve Anderson & BRM – Let Me Kow (A/B Project Remix) [SAME]

7 Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic feat. Eva Kade – Miracle (meHiLove Remix) [Vendace]

8 Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Be Your Sound (Orjan Nilsen Remix) [Black Hole]

9 Sunleed – Rising Moons [Enhanced Progressive]

10 Ernesto vs Bastian – Darkside of the Moon (Arnej Club Mix) [High Contrast]

11 Klauss Goulart – No Man’s Land [Coldharbour]

12 Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders – Sanctuary (Ephixa Remix) [Garuda]

13 Nitrous Oxide – Gr8! [Anjunabeats]

14 Mike Danis – For You (Juventa Club Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

15 Armin van Buuren pres. Gaia – Stellar [Armind]

16 W&W – Beta (Alpha Mix) [Captivating Sounds]

17 Temple One feat. Neev Kennedy – Love the Fear [Enhanced] Room 1ne Track of the Month

18 Matt Davey – Skylines [Nu Depth]

19 Mike Oceanic – So Lovely (The Airstatic Remix) [Promind]

20 Amir Afargan feat. Nicole McKenna – Shape the Invisible (A Force Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]

21 James Poulton – Anodyne [Monster Digital]

22 Ben Nicky & Cassandra Fox – The One (Daniel Kandi Remix) [Monster Tunes] Room 1ne People’s Choice (Episode 39)

23 Mindful Innovations feat. Stine Grove – Far But Close (N&R Project vs. Photographer Remix) [Silent Shore]

24 Hoyaa pres. Lunar System – North Atlantic [Only One]

25 Solo – Reflections of Silence (Ion Blue Remix) [High Light]

26 John O’Callaghan – The Bailout [Subculture]

27 MEM – Twisted [Reset]

28 Push – Strange World (2000 Remake) [Inferno] Room 1ne Classic

29 Porter Robinson – Spitfire [OWSLA]

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