Episode 39 (September 2011)

Well a very firm morning to you all,

Firstly, apologies for the delay in getting this together.  It really should be worth the wait though.  I got very excited yesterday morning when I realised I had a Room 1ne to look forward to in the afternoon!

In keeping with the fact that it’s delayed in it’s release, I thought I’d kick of Episode 39 a little more uptempo than sometimes and crack straight on with the energy.  I really like pitching up good, driving prog or house as it just gives it so much more of ‘get up and go’ factor.  Sometimes you can listen to a couple of tracks, certainly in a mix that progresses (like Room 1ne), and then find yourself thinking, “OK, let’s get on with it now, please.”  Hopefully there will be little to promote that feeling this time out!

I kicked off this episode with a cracking bit of, well, I suppose electronic infused rock (correct me if you have a better description!) from Apparat, aka Sascha Ring, whose new album, The Devil’s Walk, I spotted recently on Beatport during a quick browse.  ‘Ladies’ is a real stand out track from the album and has loads of drive, a fantastically atmospheric melody and some great chord sequences that draws you into the track effortlessly.  I only thought to myself last week that it would make a good intro to this episode and, low and behold, it did.  Rather than pitch it down at all, I thought I’d leave it in at around 132 bpm and allow it to dictate the early pace.

Following that is a nice selection of housier and then more chilled, progressive strains, including Daiquri’s ‘Illusion’, which sounds for all the world like Eric Prydz must have moved to Vilnius (link in case you don’t know where that is!) and changed his name and a lovely sundrenched remix by Sunn Jellie of Shingo Nakamura’s ‘Sapporo’, incidentally the city where David Beckham famously slammed home a penalty against the Argies in World Cup 2002.

Gareth Emery has cooked up another club battleship, this time in conjunction with the remarkably consistent (and possibly Emery copy cat…..?!) Ashley Wallbridge, in the form of ‘Mansion’ and ‘Timezone’ by SVD won your vote for the Room 1ne Sessions ‘People’s Choice’ of Episode 39.

But it is the album’s I’ve purchased in the last month that I want to focus on and it’s Betsie Larkin’s ‘All We Have is Now‘ which I’ll mention first.  This is a vocalist who blew us all away with ‘Made of Love’ a couple of years ago and she’s back with her first full artist album, offering her vocals to collaborations with a handful of the finest trance and progressive producers on the scene at the moment.  I’d say it’s well worth a pick up but perhaps ‘Let It Shine’ with Bjorn Akesson and ‘Toys’ with the irrepressible Giuseppe Ottaviani are the stand out tracks, the first of which I liked so much I had to make it the Room 1ne Sessions Track of the Month.

Another other album to mention is actually a compilation rather than an artist album and it’s the wonderfully indulgent ‘Enhanced 100‘, celebrating 100 releases on the newly crowned (in my eyes) King of trance music labels (Anjunabeats…keep up and remember your roots!).  Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha’s remix of one of my all time favourite trance tracks, Temple One’s ‘World Beyond’, is the trophy I chose to take out of the cabinet but the truth is the compilation is laden with classic releases and some belting new remixes and, even if you maybe feel that by the end of a full listen you’re a little bored of trance (is that possible?) , you can’t help but enjoy the huge melodies and fantastically dirty and thought-curtailing basslines that the label’s main names (e.g. Juventa and Daniel Kandi) offer up time and time again.

Last but not least, if any of you rejoice, as I do, when you hear a new trance track that fits the traditional uplifting and euphoric mould, then I especially recommend this last album.  ‘Yerevan‘ from SoundLift is a 10 track trance tirade from Portuguese trance pioneer Pedro Miguel Marques Azevedo Martins, otherwise known as SoundLift.  ‘One Day’ pretty much sums up what his productions have been all about over the last couple of years in particular and, whilst the album includes a bit of chillout and progressive, the main statement is clearly ‘euphoric trance will never die!’  Good on ya, Pedro, good on ya.  As an album, you’ll certainly hear more diverse than this but I imagine few will draw a smile in the same way.  Great stuff and a great track with which to end the show!

Amongst these album tracks are a selection of other beauties, including a mighty, mighty Room 1ne Classic and a great vocal from Cassandra Fox of Rui da Silva’s ‘Touch Me’ fame on a track called ‘The One’ by Ben Nicky remixed by, yes, you’ve guessed it, Daniel Kandi.

But the bottom line is, as always, I really hope you enjoy listening to this episode!

Check out Phil Dickinson’s blog and podcast as well this month for a fantastic rant about the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll (David Guetta??!!  I mean, we all know why he won but…..DAVID ‘I AM A POP ARTIST NOW’ GUETTA??!!!) I’ll let Phil succinctly take the whole institution apart and do the talking on this one!  His podcasts are great as well and, despite being a Liverpool fan, he’s a top boy who loves his music and writes about it very compellingly indeed.  Check it out if you haven’t done so already!

Enjoy the show and remember to vote for your favourtite track on the Facebook Page in the next couple of weeks.


Ben x


1 Apparat – Ladies [Mute]

2 Daiquiri – Illusion [Macarize]

3 Deadmau5 – Where My Keys [Mau5trap]

4 The Rapture – How Deep is Your Love? (A Trak Dub AKA Dub for Mehdi) [Free D/L from BBC Radio 6]

5 Shingo Nakamura – Sapporo (Sunn Jellie Remix) [Silk Royal]

6 Moonbeam & Eitan Carmi feat. Matvey Emerson – Wanderer [Moonbeam Digital]

7 Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge – Mansion [Garuda]

8 Yuri Kane – Right Back (Craving & Howe Remix) [Flashover]

9 Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze feat. Frederick – Timezone [Doorn] Room 1ne People’s Coice

10 Matt Hardwick feat. Senadee – In My Mind (Thomas Datt Remix) [Kill the Lights]

11 Fast Distance & Dimension – El Mar (Dimension Mix) [Perceptive]

12 Betsie Larkin & Bjorn Akesson – Let It Shine [Premier] Taken from the album ‘All We Have Is Now’ Room 1ne Track of the Month

13 Betsie Larkin & Giuseppe Ottaviani – Toys [Premier] Taken from the album ‘All We Have is Now’

14 Temple One – World Beyond (Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha Remix) [Enhanced] Taken from the compilation ‘Enhanced 100′

15 Ben Nicky & Cassandra Fox – The One (Daniel Kandi Remix) [Monster Tunes]

16 Smith & Pledger – Northern Lights {Anjunabeats] Room 1ne Track of the Month

17 Cramp feat. Natalie Peris – More To This (Solis Remix) [Infrasonic]

18 Ferry Corsten vs Armin van Buuren – Brute [Flashover]

19 Tom Colontonio feat CiBon – The Sun [Subculture]

20 Fast Distance pres. Balearia – Heaven Rain [Perceptive]

21 SoundLift – One Day [Blue Soho] Taken from the album ‘Yerevan’

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