Episode 20


Well hello once more all you avid co-residents of Room 1ne.  If only such demand could be bestowed upon the room after which the show was named, old Roy Dalby, landlord and sufferer of nose bleeds (unrealted to anything and everything), could charge a fortune.  Alas, tis the real world we live in.


I did at first consider compiling a ‘best of’ section to this episode, in which representation would be given the best track from each episode from 10 to 19, in chronological order.  I thought, ‘what fun it will be to try and mix, say,  Steve Angello with, say, Sunny Lax.’  Neither of those would necessarily have had their tracks chosen as the best in their respective weeks, although they were in adjacent shows, but you get the point.  And yet I decided, no.  For what would it have said about my expectations of the show had I celebrated such a measly milestone?  Too little, I feared.  I have many more voyages planned for this particular musical ship.


Thus, you have another 100 minutes of contemporary genius to enjoy.  An episode, I admit, which at one stage had looked like the rackety court jester in the courtyard of the euphonius King then, after much consideration, dispensed with historically-specific similies of grandeur and emerged as a cacophonous Overlord of sound.  I am, it must be said, excited for you.


I shall say no more now than that you should all enjoy this episode for yourself with no preconceptions born out of my commentary.  Comments are always welcome on the facebook page or, indeed, on this site and I would be very interested to hear your untainted take on some of the belters I’ve lined up for you all in this episode.


I hope it does the job!  All the firmest of breast,





1 Tritonal – Utopia (Arty Remix) [Enhanced Recordings]

2 High Noon at Salinas & Kyrst – Vigin Kyle Beach [Magic Island Recordings]

3 Tom Neville & Stafford Brothers feat. Frank Stafford – Come My Way (Jerome Isma-ae Remix) [Toolroom Records]

4 Bart Claessen – Hartseer (Premier]

5 Faithless – Not Going Home (Armin van Buuren Remix) [ [PIAS] Recordings]

6 The Thrillseekers – Savanna (Alexander Popov Remix) [Soundpiercing]

7 Existone – Indigo Creek Tale (2nd Mix) [In Trance We Trust]

8 Mat Zo – The Found [Anjunabeats]

9 Andy Moor – She Moves (M.I.K.E. Remix) [AVA]

10 Nitrous Oxide – Far Away (Club Mix) [Anjunabeats]

11 Mark Pedger feat. Melinda Gareh – Time Stands Still (DJ Eco Remix) [Solaris]

12 Suncatcher feat. Aneym – Underneath My Skin (Luke Terry Remix) [Unearthed Records]

13 Juventa – Sapphire (Suncatcher Remix) [Infrasonic Recordings]

14 Existone – Forgotten Tale [In Trance We Trust]

15 Garry Heaney – X Marks The Spot (Sean Truby Remix) [2 Play Recordings]

16 Simon Patterson – Taxi [Reset]

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