Episode 17


Good day Room 1ne inhabitants!


It is my distinct pleasure to introduce yet another episode of the critically acclaimed Room 1ne Sessions.  Coinciding as it has with the weather’s decision to take a turn for the better, I’ve strung together 16 of my favourite tracks, several of which dare to suggest that the seemingly endless days of snow and cold are finally behind us!


Keep an ear out for the beautifully warm ‘Nadia’ by Shogun featuring the excellent vocals of Hannah Ray, a track that surely will be as symbolic of this year’s late-summer festivals as it is of the end of last winter.  Stoneface & Terminal’s status as a permanent Room 1ne fixture continues, albeit along slightly less trancey lines, with the inclusion of the candidly titled and unmistakable ‘Don’t Give a F**k’.  Another standout track for me is Mike Shiver’s remix of Marcus Schossow & Andy Duguid’s ‘Light’, an original that works but was in need of a remix to give it a wider appeal.  The inimitable Swede has certainly given it just that.  And Enhanced have teed up another great release in the form of Oliver P’s (previously of Fast Distance) ‘Lost Without You’/’Philadelphia’ EP, both tracks being worth a mention but the latter getting the nod here.  But perhaps my favourite track of the show, and indeed of the last 6 months, is the stunning ‘Sandwriting’ by Vast Vision and RAM.  I remember hearing this on the train back from Scotland last year on a sunny August morning whilst looking out over the North Sea.  You’re going to have to excuse me for waxing lyrical about this one as it’s one of those ‘when was the first time you heard it?’ moments I won’t be forgetting!


Make of the tracks what you will but the bottom line is I hope you guys enjoy what was a very enjoyable episode to put together!


Remember, your comments are always welcome, whether through the website or facebook group.


Now whack this on and get a smile on your face!


Have fun :)





1 Ashley Wallbridge – Harmonies (Intro Mix) [AVA Recordings]

2 George Acosta – True Love (Gerry Cueto Remix) [Songbird]

3 Daniel Heatcliff – Phoenix [In Trance We Trust]

4 Shogun feat. Hannah Ray – Nadia (Extended Mix) [S107 Recordings]

5 Yuri Kane – Right Back [Flashover Recordings]

6 Paul Keeley – Kaleidoscope [microCastle]

7 George Acosta – I Know (Dennis Christopher Remix) [Aco Music]

8 Mike Foyle pres. Statica – Deadly Nightshade (R.E.N.O.I.S.E. Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]

9 Stoneface & Terminal – Don’t Give a F**k (Vocal Mix) [Euphonic]

10 Marcus Schossow & Andy Duguid – Light (Mike Shiver’s Garden State Mix) [Tone Diary Recordings]

11 DJ Eco pres. Pacheco – Staring at the Sea (Masoud Remix) [Flashover Recordings]

12 Ummet Ozcan – Next Phase (Phase 1 Mix) [Reset Records]

13 Paul van Dyk feat. Jonny McDaid – We Are One (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) [Vandit Records]

14 Nitrous Oxide & Mysterious Movement – The Journey [Mondo Records]

15 Oliver P – Philadelphia [Enhanced Recordings]

16 Vast Vision & RAM – Sandwriting [Fraction Records] 

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